What is IDEA MATH?

IDEA MATH is based on comprehensive teaching materials modeled after the training program for Phillips Exeter Academy math team, one of the nation's strongest.

IDEA MATH's materials cover everything from basic topics, such as introductory algebra, counting, and geometry, to complex and deeper materials at the Olympiad level and beyond.

But importantly, the program also put an emphasis on student leadership and on developing critical study skills and positive attitudes that are conducive to learning..

Who should attend?

Any able student in grades 4 to 12 who is interested in math and wants to advance their math learning should attend the IDEA MATH program. We have a wide variety of course levels, suited for students of any background. The only requirement is that students come ready to learn.

Who are the teachers?

Classes are taught by experienced instructors who have extensive mathematics competition backgrounds, either as longtime coaches or as contest winners themselves.


We understand the learning processes of young people from our experiences with mathematically talented students. Therefore to help students learn, we apply seminar-style teaching . This pedagogy makes learning a give-and-take process where students are the center of the class. We encourage students to ask questions and answer their peers' inquiries. We also encourage them to articulate their unpolished original ideas, to try to spot errors in their approaches by either experimenting with smaller cases or working backwards from results, and to search for correct paths by analyzing their failed attempts. Once they have a correct solution, we emphasize the importance of asking questions such as, What are the key ideas in the problem? and How can I apply these ideas to other situations?


More Questions?

If you can not find the answer, please contact us (email to info@ideamath.org).